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Aqualisa Showers

Aqualisa Showers

Aqualisa is a British company based in Kent who specialise in the highly competitive market of showering. Their best known ranges, Quartz and Visage dominate the market with Quartz Electric being the perfect retrofit for flats or student accommodation with just a cold water supply being required.

Aqualisa Showers Ranges Rise Digital

An exclusive range using an intelligent digital mixer giving you freedom to site the shower wherever you want. A remote control allows starting your daily shower quickly and easily with a simple touch. 5 year guarantee.

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Quartz Digital

Digital control means total control, with Quartz Digital giving the user all the means necessary to create the perfectly balanced shower experience every time.

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Visage Digital

Incorporating digital technology into the contemporary bathroom is a natural progression of product improvement, with the Visage Digital range demonstrating the potential of digitally controlled bathroom units.

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Aquatique Thermo

Antique style brassware is given all the benefits of contemporary technology for a brilliantly realised final product that is both a joy to use and an aesthetic asset to the sophisticated interior.

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Turning the shower enclosure into a sensational experience to enjoy on a daily basis, Midas shower kits have been accessibly priced to keep the range accessible to a wider audience.

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