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Imperial Bathrooms

Imperial Bathrooms

If you want the best in traditional bathroom products there is no other choice than Imperial Bathrooms. Based in the Midlands, they have been making the most exquisite toilets, basins, baths and furniture by hand for decades.

Imperial Bathrooms Ranges Westminster

Urbane and elegant throughout, the bathroom that uses pieces from the Westminster range is guaranteed to transform into a highly desirable part of the living space.

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A delightful collection of period style bathroom pieces, the Imperial Oxford range features uniquely printed ceramic ware and a host of options to arrange the bathroom according to your own design vision.

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Astoria Deco

Drawing on the vintage look of the 1920s, Astoria Deco is a beautifully realised range of bathroom furniture with an emphasis on attractive forms and quality build for daily function.

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Antique Crackle Tiles

Dedicated for use in the traditional bathroom, Antique Crackle Tiles come in a series of different sizes and a broad colour palette to fit the look of the vintage domicile.

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Perfectly suited for use in the traditional bathroom, the Bergier series of ceramic ware, WC units and matching toilet seats work in tandem to create an interior with a real sense of harmony and tranquility.

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Drift brings together the classicaly styled format of traditional bathroom ware with fresh and open designs, resulting in a collection of pieces that complement each other seamlessly.

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An exquisitely realised range of bathroom items with a luxury element, Carlyon has been developed by tradionalist experts Imperial for an authentic touch of the sophisticated interior of yesteryear.

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Working with panelled wood and traditional forms, Imperial have created a faitful series of authentic, period pieces for the bathroom that speaks of luxury, sophistication and comfort.

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Deftly capturing the sophisticated styles of the luxury, Parisian domicile, Imperial showcase their talent for creating items that are beautiful in their own right as well as working in harmony as a collection.

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Cast Iron Bath Tubs

The cast iron bath tub is an iconic deisgner statement, taking centre stage of the bathroom area and authentically conjuring the luxury lifestyle assocaited with sophisticated, European bathroom spaces.

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Esteem Furniture

Crafted to the very highest standards expected by Imperial, Esteem furniture is a range of sublime furniture, created using ceramic, glass and different tones of wood to full effect.

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A comprehensive collection of WC units, mathcing seats and complementary ceramic ware, Firenze has been designed by Imperial to give the owner of the traditional bathroom the required components for a stunning finish.

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Period Tiles Collection

Supplied in a host of colours, shapes and sizes, the Imperial Period Tiles collection allows the user to unleash their creative side, with options to form any number of attractive tiling pattern combinations.

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