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Everything has changed in the modern bathroom over the past few years and the range of options now available means that there's something to suit every taste.

The bath itself is no exception and it's now often designed around a luxury spa experience rather than pure functionality.

Top Selling

Standard Baths

Recessed or corner fitted, single or double ended, our selection of standard baths comes in both traditional and modern guises to fit in with their surroundings seamlessly.

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Luxury Baths

The height of modern comfort and luxury, this selection of exquisitely realised models demonstrate the very best in bath tub designs for total comfort.

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Shower Baths

For anyone looking to make the best possible use of space available, a combined shower and bath unit is a sensible choice, available here in a range of shapes and styles.

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Corner Baths

Fitted flush to the corner, this ingeniously shaped space saving tubs make the best use of the dimensions available, without compromising on comfort or style.

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Freestanding Contemporary Baths

The freestanding bath is the ultimate in bathroom luxury, presented here in a range of contemporary, tasteful options fit for the modern living space.

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Freestanding Traditional Baths

Sophisticated, comfortable and an icon of luxury living, the traditional freestanding bath is a thing of beauty and comfort combined.

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Bath Shower Screens

Designed to convert the bath tub into a combined showering space, these screens are a clean and practical alternative to the shower curtain, rendered here in safety glass for a cool finish.

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Bath Feet

Vital for providing support to the freestanding bath, these feet sets come in a range of styles to fit in with your own custom design vision.

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    Bath Traps & Wastes

    An extensive array of essential plumbing components, our selection of bath traps and wastes contains everything from traditional plug and chain units to the most modern of combined filler, overflow and waste outlets.

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    Bath Panels

    Give your bathing space the appearance it needs with our range of stylish bath panel boards, from traditional wooden panels to easily cut substrates that readily take tiles.

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