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Shower Enclosures

At UK Bathrooms we have a wide range of shower doors and shower enclosures and we'll be sure to have something that's right for you. Whether you have a small space, a cupboard even, that you want to turn into a stand alone shower, or whether you have a lovely big bathroom and you're looking to create a walk in shower with minimal fittings that will be the envy of every visitor.

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Walk In Showers

The Walk In Shower is a thing of breathtaking beauty, devoid of hinged doors it is created by a simple but effective arrangement of standing panels that create a splashproof haven of light, air and water in which to relax.

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Quadrant Showers

Quadrant showers are not only spacious and comfortable, but bring a neat curvature that offsets straight lines for full effect. Bringing together a series of highly regarded models and ranges, the quadrant showers are a classic of modern design.

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Bi-Fold Shower Doors

By eschewing any kind of outward pivoting mechanism, the bi-fold shower door is the obvious solution for the shower space in the more confined area, such as the en suite or smaller bathroom space.

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Hinged/Pivot Shower Doors

A classic in every respect, pivoted or hinged shower doors are the perfect solution for converting the alcove space into shower enclosure that is light, watertight and comfortable.

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Sliding Shower Doors

Mounting the door on sliding runners, these shower door units are compact and contained, and can be applied to the smaller space or en suite, as there is no need to consider the arc associated with pivoted doors.

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Bow Fronted Showers

An exquisite statement piece, the bow fronted shower cubicle adds a subtle curve to the bathroom area, while creating a shower space that is light, fresh and relaxing.

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Shower Side Panels

Designed to be used in conjunction with a separate shower door unit, these side panels give the user the option to create a corner or freestanding shower space in accordance with the layout of your own particular bathroom.

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Shower Cubicles

Our range of fully fitted shower cubicles are the ideal solution for anyone looking for a comprehensive design solution, with all components such as tray, door and panels present and ready for installation

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UKB Top Shower Packages

Putting together a series of complete shower packages from a variety of manufacturers, we at UK Bathrooms have done all the hard work to present our customers with designer shower spaces with affordable price tags.

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Shower Trays

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UKB Top Selling Shower Trays

Presented here is a selection of our most popular shower trays, given the seal of approval by the most important of critics, our customers. Reliable, affordable and adaptable, it is easy to see why these trays remain firm favourites.

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Wet Room Packages

Ranging in price from entry level units to top end models, our selection of Wet Room Packages demonstrates that the exquisite, luxury bathroom feature of the wet room is more affordable than one might first think.

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