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Like everything else in the bathroom, the shower has come a long way in the last few years. Showers are perfect for speed and convenience. That applies both in the sense of getting through the morning rush hour at home, and in the sense that once the basic plumbing is in you can fit a shower into a small space with little further alterations.

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Shower Kits

Selecting a complete shower kit is a convenient and effective means to get up and running as quickly as possible, with a wide variety of options, arrangements and price points from which to choose.

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Shower Valves

Affording total control over your shower experience is our range of shower valves, available in concealed or exposed forms, with cutting edge, digital options offered for the living space that is modern in every possible aspect.

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Shower Trays

Forming the basis of a luxury shower space is the shower tray, presented here in a series of shapes, sizes and styles from some of the most prestigious manufacturers and designers around.

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Shower Heads

Whether looking for a fixed, overhead shower rose or a useful secondary handset, our range of shower heads brings together a select line of options, ranging from entry level affordability to grand statements of luxury.

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Electric Showers

Needing just a cold water feed, the electric shower unit provides all the heat and power required to create an invigorating shower experience every time and opening up design opportunites throughout a propery.

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Power Showers

For the domicile with low pressure plumbing, a power shower gives the water feed the added boost required to ensure that your shower is a revitalising, effective unit that delivers upon each use.

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Shower Screens

Convert the bathing area into a stylish, splashproof shower space with the addition of these shower screens, a clean, effective and permanent alternative to the traditional shower curtain.

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Shower Wastes

Quick and efficient removal of waste water is a must for every shower enclosure, and our selection of waste outlets provides such solutions as highly competitive prices from a range of manufacturers.

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Shower Pumps

Whether installing your shower from scratch or giving your existing one a boost, this selection of shower pumps is bound to contain the right unit for your needs. Please contact us for further technical advice and support when selecting a shower pump

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Shower Wall Panels

Make your shower area an interior statement piece with these shower back boards and panels, effectively turning the enclosure into a feature wall that is both watertight and visually stunning.

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Wet Room Flooring

Ever popular with its continental style, the wetroom look is easily achieved with our range of affordable flooring options and substrates to create a watertight seal and foundation for your dream wetroom space.

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Shower Accessories

Containing a whole host of additional pieces, our range of accessories covers all the bases for flexes, shower elbows, body spray units and accessibility pieces, allowing you to customize your shower area to exactly match your needs.

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