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We're often amazed at UK Bathrooms by the range of bathroom essentials now available, and that even extends to the humble toilet.

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Back to Wall Toilets

A compact solution for the modern WC space, our range of back to wall model toilet pans not only save space with their concealed cistern arrangement, but bring a streamlined quality to the interior in a cool, continental style.

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Wall Hung Toilets

A wall hung toilet is an iconic statement piece of the twenty-first century, adding an element of light and air to the interior and when coupled with a concealed cistern, and are a key ingredient in the sleek, modern bathroom.

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Close Coupled Toilets

Economy of space and water usage come together in the close coupled toilet, a modern invention that is crisp, hygienic and designed to lower running costs with its efficient use of water.

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Traditional Toilet

Timeless and iconic, the classic appearance of our traditional toilets are the ideal fit in the English country home or town house, with options for models with wall mounted, high cisterns and wooden seats for that authentic look.

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Bidets & Frames

Available in both modern and traditional guises, the bathroom bidet is an often overlooked unit, capable of adding a whole new level of functionality to the bathroom space while complementing its surrounding sanitary ware.

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Water Saving Toilets

Specifically designed to lower the running costs via a lessened flush volume, a water saving toilet is both a sound investment and a stylish addition to the modern interior.

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Concealed Toilet Cisterns & Buttons

When paired with a back to wall or wall hung toilet, the concealed cistern forms a key ingredient in creating a stripped down, modern WC environment with a reliable, economic design.

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Our selection of urinals and associated accessories provide everything required to fit out the restroom in any number of styles, to any requirement, from designer units to models with improved accessibility.

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Toilet Seats

Whether you need a simple standard toilet seat, or a bespoke wooden unit with soft close hinges, our selection of toilet seats covers every price point while focusing on products that are comfortable for use every day.

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Toilet Macerators

An innovative and practical solution for the toilet or cloakroom that is situated away from main outlets, toilet macerators efficiently drain and liquify waste from the WC unit.

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