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Crosswater Bathroom Furniture

Crosswater bathroom furniture is superbly designed and well engineered, offering high quality & up to the minute fashionable design trends. Choose from a wide selection of lovely modern shapes and either elegant or fresh & innovative colour finishes!

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  • Crosswater Zion Petite Cloakroom UnitApproved RetailerCrosswater Zion Petite Cloakroom UnitFrom £276.50 inc.VATRRP: £395.00 (Save 30%)Wall hung, small cloakroom unit 490mm wide, 500mm tall, 340mm deep. 3 colours & 2 handle styles.
  • Crosswater Zion Petite Tall Cloakroom UnitApproved RetailerCrosswater Zion Petite Tall Cloakroom UnitFrom £206.50 inc.VATRRP: £295.00 (Save 30%)Taller wall hung cloakroom unit from the Crosswater Zion petite collection ideal for small bathrooms, 3 colours.
  • Crosswater Zion Petite Cloakroom Floor UnitApproved RetailerCrosswater Zion Petite Cloakroom Floor UnitFrom £213.50 inc.VATRRP: £305.00 (Save 30%)1 door floor standing cloakroom vanity unit, 3 colours and 2 handles options. Left or right hand basin.
  • Crosswater Solo Vanity UnitApproved RetailerCrosswater Solo Vanity UnitFrom £287.00 inc.VATRRP: £410.00 (Save 30%)525mm wide vanity unit, high gloss white mineral marble 1 tap hole basin. 2 colours: Quartz (Grey) or White gloss.
  • Crosswater Short Furniture Basin TrapApproved RetailerCrosswater Short Furniture Basin Trap£12.60 inc.VATRRP: £18.00 (Save 30%)Basin waste trap, push fit connection for easy installation, ideal for use with furniture such as Crosswater Arena
  • Crosswater Glide II 50cm Vanity Unit with Marble WorktopApproved RetailerCrosswater Glide II 50cm Vanity Unit with Marble WorktopFrom £703.50 inc.VATRRP: £1005.00 (Save 30%)With a chic Carrara marble worktop for a washbowl. On-trend unit colours such as Grey, Oak & Blue Smoke!
  • Crosswater Infinity Illuminated Round MirrorApproved RetailerCrosswater Infinity Illuminated Round Mirror£160.30 inc.VATRRP: £229.00 (Save 30%)Illuminated round mirror, 50cm diameter. 2 light temperature settings, Warm light (evening) or Daylight.
  • Crosswater Infinity 1 Drawer 70cm Unit with ShelfApproved RetailerCrosswater Infinity 1 Drawer 70cm Unit with ShelfFrom £472.49 inc.VATRRP: £674.95 (Save 30%)70cm wide combination of 1 drawer unit with a shelf unit that can be installed to the left or right, 3 unit colours.
  • Crosswater Svelte 60cm LED Illuminated MirrorApproved RetailerCrosswater Svelte 60cm LED Illuminated Mirror£230.30 inc.VATRRP: £329.00 (Save 30%)60 x 60cm soft-square illuminated mirror with demister, dimmable LED lights with 3 mood settings.
  • Crosswater Svelte 1200mm UnitApproved RetailerCrosswater Svelte 1200mm UnitFrom £801.50 inc.VATRRP: £1145.00 (Save 30%)Wide 1.2m vanity unit, ideal for large bathrooms with 2 soft close drawers, lovely S shape in 4 colours!
  • Crosswater MPRO Lit MirrorApproved RetailerCrosswater MPRO Lit Mirror£241.50 inc.VATRRP: £345.00 (Save 30%)Illuminated bathroom mirror with energy saving LED bulbs and a demister function that clears the surface.
  • Crosswater Glide II 80cm Ambient Lit MirrorApproved RetailerCrosswater Glide II 80cm Ambient Lit Mirror£244.30 inc.VATRRP: £349.00 (Save 30%)800mm wide LED illuminated mirror with shaver socket, 600mm tall, warm or cool light touch operation.
  • Crosswater Zion WC UnitApproved RetailerCrosswater Zion WC UnitFrom £139.30 inc.VATRRP: £199.00 (Save 30%)In colours to match the Crosswater Zion vanity units including contemporary Driftwood & Windsor Oak!
  • Crosswater Image 900 Mirror CabinetApproved RetailerCrosswater Image 900 Mirror Cabinet£647.50 inc.VATRRP: £925.00 (Save 30%)LED double door bathroom mirror cabinet with shaver socket and a mirror finish inside and out.
  • Crosswater Image 700 Mirror CabinetApproved RetailerCrosswater Image 700 Mirror Cabinet£626.50 inc.VATRRP: £895.00 (Save 30%)Bathroom mirror cabinet, double doors, mirrored inside & out. Internal & external LED lighting, with charger.
  • Crosswater Allure 500 Mirror CabinetApproved RetailerCrosswater Allure 500 Mirror Cabinet£559.30 inc.VATRRP: £799.00 (Save 30%)Single door 500mm, LED illumination, shaver socket and a demister function. Mirrored inside & out.
  • Crosswater Allure 700 Mirror CabinetApproved RetailerCrosswater Allure 700 Mirror Cabinet£735.00 inc.VATRRP: £1050.00 (Save 30%)Double door LED mirror cabinet, mirrored inside and out with a demister function and shaver charging socket.
  • Crosswater Image 500 Mirror CabinetApproved RetailerCrosswater Image 500 Mirror Cabinet£472.50 inc.VATRRP: £675.00 (Save 30%)50cm wide single door mirror cabinet. Double sided mirror door, LED lighting with internal shaver socket.
  • Crosswater Allure 900 Mirror CabinetApproved RetailerCrosswater Allure 900 Mirror Cabinet£836.50 inc.VATRRP: £1195.00 (Save 30%)900mm double door LED mirror cabinet with a shaver socket, demisting doors, & touchless on/off sensor.
  • Crosswater Revive 3.0 LED Bluetooth MirrorApproved RetailerCrosswater Revive 3.0 LED Bluetooth Mirror£318.49 inc.VATRRP: £455.00 (Save 30%)Bluetooth, sensor switch, shaver socket, demister -feature packed modern LED illuminated mirror at 600mm.
  • Crosswater Svelte 800mm UnitApproved RetailerCrosswater Svelte 800mm UnitFrom £609.00 inc.VATRRP: £870.00 (Save 30%)800mm wide 2 drawer vanity basin unit with a curved from and soft close runners, 4 colours, 3 basin colours!
  • Crosswater (Bauhaus) Waldorf Double Vanity Unit with LegsFree DeliveryCrosswater (Bauhaus) Waldorf Double Vanity Unit with LegsFrom £2771.26 inc.VATRRP: £3695.00 (Save 25%)Leg standing version. Choice of handles and option to add a 300mm drawer organiser, black or white
  • Crosswater (Bauhaus) Allure Mirror CabinetFree DeliveryCrosswater (Bauhaus) Allure Mirror CabinetFrom £559.30 inc.VATRRP: £799.00 (Save 30%)Comes with heated demister doors and internal shaver socket
  • Crosswater Elite Tall UnitApproved RetailerCrosswater Elite Tall UnitFrom £357.00 inc.VATRRP: £510.00 (Save 30%)Handle less design, push open style with slow close hinge. 1440mm tall unit, 350mm wide, 5 colours!
  • Crosswater Seattle 120cm Washbowl UnitApproved RetailerCrosswater Seattle 120cm Washbowl UnitFrom £497.00 inc.VATRRP: £710.00 (Save 30%)Large 1.2m wide vanity for washbowl basins. Left, right, centre or double bowl configurations, 4 colour options!
  • Crosswater Infinity 2 Drawer 100cm UnitApproved RetailerCrosswater Infinity 2 Drawer 100cm UnitFrom £679.00 inc.VATRRP: £969.95 (Save 30%)1m wide 2 drawer vanity for washbowls, 3 unit colours 3 worktop colours 4 handle colours, optional LED.
  • Crosswater Elite Vanity Unit and BasinApproved RetailerCrosswater Elite Vanity Unit and BasinFrom £311.50 inc.VATRRP: £445.00 (Save 30%)5 colour options! Choose from 2 sizes, 500mm or 700mm. There is also an option to select 0 or 1 tap hole.
  • Crosswater Infinity 2 Drawer 120cm Unit with ShelfApproved RetailerCrosswater Infinity 2 Drawer 120cm Unit with ShelfFrom £829.49 inc.VATRRP: £1184.93 (Save 30%)Stunning contemporary bathroom unit combination, the shelf can be installed left, right or centrally.
  • Crosswater (Bauhaus) Duo Illuminated Mirrored CabinetApproved RetailerCrosswater (Bauhaus) Duo Illuminated Mirrored CabinetFrom £685.00 inc.VATRRP: £978.52 (Save 30%)Aluminium cabinet with double sided mirror doors
  • Crosswater Svelte 1000mm UnitApproved RetailerCrosswater Svelte 1000mm UnitFrom £766.50 inc.VATRRP: £1095.00 (Save 30%)S shaped curved unit, 1 meter wide with 2 soft closing drawers. 4 unit colours and 3 basin colours to choose from!
  • Crosswater Kai WC UnitApproved RetailerCrosswater Kai WC UnitFrom £115.50 inc.VATRRP: £165.00 (Save 30%)In 3 colours to suit Crosswater Kai furniture units: Grey oak, Honey walnut, White gloss. Plate & frame options.
  • Crosswater Glide II 50cm Ambient Lit MirrorApproved RetailerCrosswater Glide II 50cm Ambient Lit Mirror£230.30 inc.VATRRP: £329.00 (Save 30%)Fantastic dimmable LED mirror with warm or cool light. Touch activated with a demister & a shaving socket!
  • Crosswater Svelte 50cm LED Illuminated MirrorApproved RetailerCrosswater Svelte 50cm LED Illuminated Mirror£244.30 inc.VATRRP: £349.00 (Save 30%)LED illuminated mirror, landscape or portrait hanging. 3 mood light colours & demister to clear a steamy surface
  • Crosswater Arena 1 Drawer 60cm Vanity UnitApproved RetailerCrosswater Arena 1 Drawer 60cm Vanity UnitFrom £294.00 inc.VATRRP: £420.00 (Save 30%)Choose from 4 stunning colours including handle colours and overflow covers in black, brass, steel and more!
  • Crosswater Glide II 100cm Ambient Lit MirrorApproved RetailerCrosswater Glide II 100cm Ambient Lit Mirror£279.30 inc.VATRRP: £399.00 (Save 30%)Large 1 meter wide illuminated mirror, with a demister pad to clear steam and a shaver socket charging point.
  • Crosswater MPRO LED Illuminated Magnifying MirrorApproved RetailerCrosswater MPRO LED Illuminated Magnifying Mirror£450.00 inc.VATWall mounted with pivoting mirror with an illuminated outer ring

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