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Gracefully contoured and sculpted aluminium teamed with sparkling mirror finishes, Schneider bathroom cabinets ooze technological prowess. Using robust construction methods and only the highest grade materials is essential to their manufacturing philosophy.

Why Choose Schneider

Limitless Choice

Schneider’s range of mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors is immense. Enabling you to find exactly the right product for your bathroom. All their mirror cabinets have one element in common – they are constructed from durable, hygienic aluminium in Switzerland.

European Engineering

Schneider has all the characteristics expected of top flight design and production. Designed with only the highest grade elements, and precisely manufactured, their mirror cabinets are a splendid combination of contemporary materials, form and function. Soft close hinges provide carefully engineered luxury. Fully compliant with all IP safety standards, these rigorously checked units are able to easily stand the daily use in a bathroom environment.

Light and Space

Schneider delivers maximum efficiency of space through assimilating bathroom cabinets with lighting elements and a mirrored surface. Practical storage, ambient lighting and the, all important mirror, are delivered in one elegant and cohesive unit. Providing alternative light sourcing for the bathroom, their mirrors come with overhead or side mounted elements to deliver the precise amount and angle of light for your bathroom. Low Power Consumption

The fluorescent strip bulbs distribute a cool wash of light that endows an ambient glow with the added advantage of being highly efficient.

GraceLine and MoanaLine

Two ranges from Schneider are the GraceLine and MoanaLine, which represent some of their most innovative and popular collections. Utilising LED technology for low running costs and improved reliability, GraceLine provides sleek styling and a tempered finish. Moanaline offers a stunning composition of aluminium and glass, with options for side or overhead lighting which makes it one of the most admired ranges.

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Alternative Brands to Schneider

Villeroy & Boch Mirror Cabinets: Style Meets Utility At Uk Bathrooms

UK Bathrooms is proud to feature Villeroy & Boch Mirror Cabinets, a perfect blend of style and practicality. These cabinets are designed to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom. With their sleek, contemporary designs, they add an element of sophistication, while their smart storage solutions help organize your space efficiently. The integrated lighting in these mirror cabinets provides optimal illumination, making your daily routine smoother. Villeroy & Boch's dedication to quality means these cabinets are built to last, using high-grade materials and precision engineering. Choosing a Villeroy & Boch Mirror Cabinet from UK Bathrooms means investing in elegance, functionality, and durability for your bathroom.

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Amara Mirror Cabinets: Elegant Reflections

At UK Bathrooms, we are delighted to present Amara Mirror Cabinets, where functionality meets elegance. Amara's designs elevate the look of your bathroom, blending seamlessly with various styles. These cabinets are not just visually appealing but also incredibly functional, with smart storage options that help you organize your essentials neatly. The durable build and high-quality materials used in Amara cabinets ensure they withstand the test of time. Opt for Amara Mirror Cabinets from UK Bathrooms for a blend of sophistication, efficiency, and longevity in your bathroom.

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Keuco Mirror Cabinets: Sleek Functionality

UK Bathrooms proudly showcases Keuco Mirror Cabinets, a fusion of modern design and functional excellence. Keuco's contemporary style adds a sophisticated touch to your bathroom, while its innovative features like integrated lighting and clever storage make daily routines more convenient. Built to last, these cabinets are crafted from premium materials, ensuring durability and a timeless look. Choosing a Keuco Mirror Cabinet from UK Bathrooms means elevating your bathroom with unmatched style, functionality, and quality.

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