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Kaldewei Baths

Kaldewei Baths

Steel baths are a welcome change from the flimsy acrylic alternatives and with a thickness of 3.5mm they convey a feeling of solidity and warmth that will stay for far longer than plastic baths. The embracing sides of these baths holds in the heat and the glass enamel coating is indestructible.

Kaldewei Baths Ranges Saniform

Saniform baths invite you to slide in and relax, with their single ended arrangement and spacious capacity providing a haven from the rigours of daily life.

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Turning their expertise to the entry level range of bathtubs, Eurowa are affordable, comfortable and practical bathing solution ideal for anyone looking to fit or refurbish a bathroom to high standards while adhering to a budget.

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Meet Puro, a stunning example of design excellence through the use of simplicity of shape and purity of function, inspired by the Scandinavian approach to creating uncluttered, inviting living areas.

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Vaio Set Star

Available in both single and double ended designs, Vaio Set bathtubs are a joy to use, with a spacious capacity, sloping back support and a design that retains water heat to allow you to soak in style.

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Centro Duo

An unsurpassed example of the bathtub as an iconic piece of iterior furniturem Centro Duo comes in a range of formats and sizes, including the impressive freestanding tub that serves as an artistic design element in its own right.

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Classic Duo

Double ended in format and oval in shape, the Classic Duo series of bath tubs guaranteees years of satisfying bathing and an evergreen style that will not go out of fashion.

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Ellipso Duo

With the Ellipso Duo bathtub, Kaldewei take the simple form of the Oval and conjure up a bathing space of unparalleled comfort, luxury and beauty.

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Mega Duo

Spacious enough to comfortable house two at once, Mega Duo baths are the perfect choice for the couple looking for a his and hers approach to arranging their whole living area.

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A finer example of the cast steel bath than the Kaldewei Bassino would be hard to find, with its deep aspect, stylish presentation and flexibility of design options making it the ultimate statement of luxury design.

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Using stainless steel to form the Cayono bath tubs while keeping its price accessibly affordable demonstrates the Kaldewei commitment to quality and economy.

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Capable of taking limited dimensions and resources and converting them into an ergonomically designed, luxury bathing space, Kaldewei present Mini, a highly adaptable series of space saving bath tubs.

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