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Matki Showers

Matki Showers

Matki is the leading UK Brand in Shower Enclosures,Trays and brassware. Within its many collections, you will be sure to find one that suits your new bathroom. Whether it be a walk-in shower enclosure, quadrant, or hinged doors there is a configuration suitable for a room of any shape or size.

Matki Showers Ranges The New Radiance Collection

Whether you are looking for a square or curved shower enclosure, recessed or corner installation, New Radiance delivers these options in numerous sizes, all created to the highest quality by leading global brand Matki.

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The Colonade Collection

The very pinnacle of luxury shower shower enclosures in the modern guise, the Colonade series from Matki offers the user total calm and a haven in which to shower in style.

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The Boutique Collection

Step into luxury when you step into a Boutique shower enclosure, a brilliantly designed series of frameless shower spaces from Matki, tailor made for the sophisticated, modern lifestyle

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The New Illusion Collection

Boasting a specrtum of sizes and shapes for recess or corner installation, New Illusion shower enclosures have been created to the highest of industry standards.

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Elixir Brassware Collection

Bring the spice of life to your shower area with Elixir, a range of stylishly realised shower systems from Matki that deliver a highly invigorating shower experience.

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Swadling Invincible

The bathroom fitted out with items of brassware from the Invincible range from Matki Swadling is one that takes on a highly sophisticated appearance and an ambience of total luxury in the Art Deco tradition.

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Swadling Absolute

Original Absolute showers are a premium designer range coming with multiple grades of luxurious options for sleek shower units with single, dual or multiple outlets for a host of shower experiences.

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Swadling Absolute 2

Absolute2 brassware from Matki Swadling finds a sense of harmony and balance from component to product, and from product to range, allowing the user to apply a thematically consistent and user friendly interface to the bathroom and shower space.

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Swadling Precis

Precis shower elements boast a bold and direct approach t product design, with chrome components giving a balanced and unpretentious aspect to the shower enclosure with a strong accent on 21st century luxury living.

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