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Based in Spain, Roca has a distinctive European feel to its superb bathroom collections. The latest innovations are dedicated to saving you time, money and water. Senso, Gap and Dama are some of their best-selling ranges featuring stunning designs and furniture that will integrate perfectly.

Roca Ranges The Gap

Coolly balancing subtle curves with neat edges, every piece within The Gap series by Roca sports a strong sense of high fashion cool, working together seamlessly to give the user a coherent finish when applied throughout the living space.

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Including both stylish furniture and complementary ceramic ware, it is entirely possible to fit out the entire bathroom with Dama-N series items for a complete and coherent finish.

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Victoria- N Unik

A precisely designed and realised series of fashion statement pieces, Victoria-N from Roca adds a new level of style to the interior, with vanity units, tall cabinets and matching mirrors to give a sense of cohesion.

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Slimline edges and a highly contemporary look characterise Debba bathroom ware, developed by Roca using the latest in manufacturing techniques and designs for style and practicality.

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Fresh and streamlined, Laura ceramic ware has been developed by Roca for inclusion in the modern environment, and is equally suited to use in the domestic or commercial setting.

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Innovatively designed into tablet forms, the basins in the Meridian-N range perfectly complement the WC units to make an ideal companion series for the cloakroom, en suite or main bathroom area.

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Turning their innovation to effective use, Roca Hall Sanitaryware features unusual and atttractive angles and aspects throughout, lending the interior a refreshingly modern aspect.

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Roca Senso sanitary ware is well suited for inclusion in the fresh and inviting bathroom or en suite, with the collection working together as a cohesive and measured series.

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Turn you bathroom into a haven of designer luxury with Kalahari, an elegantly balanced collection of slimline ceramic ware and beautifully realised furniture, created by design experts Roca

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Coming from an award winning pedigree of designers, Roca Element is a series of ceramic ware tha has a finely tuned sense of style and comfort throughout.

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The vanity unit is the must have bathroom item of today, and with Roca Mini units it is entirely possible to fit stylish models into the bathroom with smaller dimensions.

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Projecting a clean and hygienic aspect onto the bathroom space, Nexo inspires confidence wherever it is applied with its refreshingly simple and slimline series of sanitary ware pieces.

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Forming a crisp and naturally complementing WC and basin duo, Polo from Roca is the go to option for the en suite or cloakroom space that requires a fresh and appealing set of sanitary ware.

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Senso Compact

Efficiency and economy are qualities found at the heart of the Senso Compact range, which has been designed by Roca to save not just space, but with ECO options to reduce long term water usage.

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Senso Square

A range with a strongly defined sense of style, Senso Square from Roca has a modern and robust qualtiy, with options for matching vanity units in sleek black for a highly fashionable finish.

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