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 Keuco's innovative and versatile collections help you create a consistently harmonious bathroom style that will coccon you in a spa-like atmosphere. German engineering with a commitment to excellence in design.

Keuco Bathroom Furniture

Sample a world of the finest furniture complimented by double sided mirror cabinets that will add a feeling of understated elegance to any bathroom.

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Keuco Bathroom Accessories

Transform your bathroom from a dull and lifeless place to into a vibrant and appealing sanctuary that will reveal everything about your creativity and sense of design. Keuco accessories will meet your own design brief in full.

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Keuco Mirrors

A delightful combination of elegant design, materials and attention to detail give Keuco the look you are after in your bathroom. Total luxury is not beyond your grasp with Keuco Mirrors.

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Keuco Taps & Mixers

Capsule collections that evoke the beauty of nature give Keuco a clear edge when it comes to setting bathroom trends. Superior production techniques ensure that their engineering prowess is unsurpassed.

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Keuco Shower Fittings

Buying Keuco is a sound investment and with a range to suit every pocket, value is combined with effortless design to produce the perfect showering environment. Start the day refreshed with a shower from Keuco.

  • Keuco IXMO Shower Set CFree DeliveryKeuco IXMO Shower Set C£814.46inc.VATRRP: £1163.52 (Save 30%)Premium shower set with rail and handset
  • Keuco IXMO Shower Set DFree DeliveryKeuco IXMO Shower Set D£880.66inc.VATRRP: £1258.08 (Save 30%)Mulit function handset with adjustable rail
  • Keuco IXMO Shower Set AFree DeliveryKeuco IXMO Shower Set A£1001.87inc.VATRRP: £1431.24 (Save 30%)Discreet thermostatic valve with handset and integrated holder
  • Keuco IXMO Shower Set BFree DeliveryKeuco IXMO Shower Set B£1047.31inc.VATRRP: £1496.16 (Save 30%)Square profile thermostatic valve and fittings
  • Keuco IXMO Shower Set EFree DeliveryKeuco IXMO Shower Set E£1137.53inc.VATRRP: £1625.04 (Save 30%)Overhead deluge with mltifunction handset on adjustable rail
  • Keuco IXMO Shower Set FFree DeliveryKeuco IXMO Shower Set F£1241.27inc.VATRRP: £1773.24 (Save 30%)Thermostatic valve with drencher and handset on rail
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