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Some of the most popular ranges of bathroom basins and toilets emanate from these collections and represent exceptional value for money. With the introduction of the S20, S50 and T4, you will find the bathroom of your dreams with ease and at a price better than you expected.

VitrA Toilets

We sell the entire range of VitrA toilets, which come in a wide range of shapes and designs with the latest design technology

  • Vitra Sento Wall Hung ToiletVitra Sento Wall Hung ToiletFrom £193.61 inc.VATRRP: £242.00 (Save 20%)Rimless design option for a cleaner toilet bowl, modern contemporary styling
  • VitrA Integra Wall Hung ToiletVitrA Integra Wall Hung ToiletFrom £183.20 inc.VATRRP: £229.00 (Save 20%)Timeless, simply designed wall hung toilet with a choice of toilet seats. For use with a concealed cistern and frame.
  • VitrA M-Line Back to Wall ToiletVitrA M-Line Back to Wall ToiletFrom £216.80 inc.VATRRP: £271.00 (Save 20%)Back to wall floor standing toilet in a minimal design, high quality ceramic and a choice of slim seat or normal.
  • VitrA Integra Close Coupled Rimless Back to Wall ToiletVitrA Integra Close Coupled Rimless Back to Wall ToiletFrom £362.40 inc.VATRRP: £453.00 (Save 20%)Fully back to wall toilet bowl for vertical or straight back soil pipes for a simple clean look, hiding pipework neatly.
  • VitrA Loop T Flush PlateVitrA Loop T Flush PlateFrom £23.40 inc.VATRRP: £36.00 (Save 35%)ABS and steel flush plate, modern design in 5 colour options. For use with VitrA cistern & frames only.
  • VitrA Loop R Flush PlateVitrA Loop R Flush PlateFrom £23.40 inc.VATRRP: £36.00 (Save 35%)Loop R style flush plate suitable for VitrA toilet cistern & frames, choose from black, white chrome or steel.
  • VitrA Twin 2 Flush PlateVitrA Twin 2 Flush PlateFrom £27.30 inc.VATRRP: £42.00 (Save 35%)The twin 2 flush plate is available in 5 colour options including gold, black and chrome, for VitrA cisterns.
  • Vitra Arkitekt Urinal & Cistern PackVitra Arkitekt Urinal & Cistern Pack£584.47 inc.VATRRP: £899.20 (Save 35%)
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VitrA Bathroom Sinks

Solidly built and affordable, VitrA provide basins that are fresh, modern and compatible with a range of decors, all presented with highly accessible price points.

  • VitrA Water Jewels Round BowlVitrA Water Jewels Round BowlFrom £223.20 inc.VATRRP: £279.00 (Save 20%)5 cutting edge coloured glazes: Copper, Gold, Platinum, Black or standard White. Can be underset, inset or sit-on.
  • VitrA Integra Round BasinVitrA Integra Round BasinFrom £115.20 inc.VATRRP: £144.00 (Save 20%)The perfect high quality family basin, a wide range of sizes, smooth modern design & fantastic value for money!
  • VitrA Shift BasinVitrA Shift BasinFrom £130.40 inc.VATRRP: £163.00 (Save 20%)4 popular sized bathroom sinks: 550, 600, 650, or 800mm wide. With one tap hole and pedestal or bottle trap options.
  • VitrA Outline Round BowlVitrA Outline Round BowlFrom £318.40 inc.VATRRP: £398.00 (Save 20%)Choose from 4 contemporary colours: black, taupe, mink or white, all in a matt texture with a colour matched waste.
  • VitrA Elegance Basin WasteVitrA Elegance Basin WasteFrom £37.05 inc.VATRRP: £57.00 (Save 35%)3 contemporary finishes: Copper, Gold or Chrome. Suitable for all standard basins. Suits VitrA brassware.
  • VitrA M-Line Square Undercounter BasinVitrA M-Line Square Undercounter Basin£132.00 inc.VATRRP: £165.00 (Save 20%)Petite and neat little square under counter basin, 36.5 x 36.5cm in size with overflow and no tap holes.
  • VitrA Outline Oval BowlVitrA Outline Oval BowlFrom £350.40 inc.VATRRP: £438.00 (Save 20%)Contemporary oval basin available in 5 colours including black, taupe and mink. Optional colour matched waste included.
  • VitrA T4 BasinVitrA T4 BasinFrom £155.20 inc.VATRRP: £194.00 (Save 20%)Choose from 3 sizes: 60, 70 or 90cm. One tap hole with options for a semi or full pedestal and chrome towel rail.
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VitrA Bathroom Furniture

VitrA bathroom furniture is superbly made and comes fully assembled, there are options for a broad spectrum of requirements from fantastic value for money units which are smart and simple, to bespoke designer units in luxurious finishes.

  • VitrA Frame 1 Drawer 100cm Vanity with BasinVitrA Frame 1 Drawer 100cm Vanity with BasinFrom £1352.80 inc.VATRRP: £1691.00 (Save 20%)Simply stunning range of designer furniture, cutting edge contemporary design with LED lighting inside & out.
  • VitrA Nest 60cm 2 Door VanityVitrA Nest 60cm 2 Door VanityFrom £585.60 inc.VATRRP: £732.00 (Save 20%)2 soft opening doors, 60cm wide 45cm deep. 4 fantastic colours, Gloss white, Anthracite, Natural or Grey wood.
  • VitrA Nest Trendy 80cm 1 Drawer VanityVitrA Nest Trendy 80cm 1 Drawer VanityFrom £668.00 inc.VATRRP: £835.00 (Save 20%)80cm wide, single drawer with soft close rails, option for LED lighting on the basin. 1 tap hole with overflow hole.
  • VitrA M-Line Infinit 120cm Double Drawer VanityVitrA M-Line Infinit 120cm Double Drawer VanityFrom £1575.20 inc.VATRRP: £1969.00 (Save 20%)There is uber storage in this extra large 1200mm wide, double drawer vanity unit! Glass fronted, premium quality.
  • VitrA S50 Toilet Furniture UnitVitrA S50 Toilet Furniture UnitFrom £220.35 inc.VATRRP: £339.00 (Save 35%)Toilet furniture WC unit from the S50 range in 2 colours white or oak, with cistern & button! Great value.
  • VitrA Ecora 3 Drawer Vanity UnitVitrA Ecora 3 Drawer Vanity UnitFrom £484.25 inc.VATRRP: £745.00 (Save 35%)Maximum family bathroom storage with 3 soft closing drawers! Stunning unit & basin package at a fantastic price.
  • VitrA D Light Tall UnitVitrA D Light Tall UnitFrom £338.65 inc.VATRRP: £521.00 (Save 35%)Tall unit with soft close right hand hinged door, 1135mm in height with optional towel hook upgrade, 4 colours!
  • VitrA S50 80cm 1 Drawer VanityVitrA S50 80cm 1 Drawer VanityFrom £367.90 inc.VATRRP: £566.00 (Save 35%)1 drawer vanity unit with soft close action, 2 colours to choose from Oak or White, includes basin.
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VitrA Baths

Comfortable, spacious and affordable, VitrA Essentials Baths are one of our preferred ranges among customers looking for a quality bath tub on a budget.

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VitrA Taps & Mixers

VitrA bathroom brassware provides plenty of product choice from bathroom taps and mixers to bath fillers, available in a wide range of modern colours such as copper, gold or classic chrome!

  • VitrA Minimax S Cloakroom Basin TapVitrA Minimax S Cloakroom Basin TapFrom £67.60 inc.VATRRP: £104.00 (Save 35%)Small sized cloakroom basin mixer tap with lever handle, option for pop up waste or smooth bodied with no waste.
  • VitrA Suit L Basin Mixer TapVitrA Suit L Basin Mixer TapFrom £96.20 inc.VATRRP: £148.00 (Save 35%)Monobloc basin mixer tap with lever handle, designed for 1 tap hole basin. Choose from Copper, Gold or Chrome.
  • VitrA Suit L Tall Basin Mixer TapVitrA Suit L Tall Basin Mixer TapFrom £125.45 inc.VATRRP: £193.00 (Save 35%)Tall basin mixer tap ideal for wash bowls, choose from 3 stunning finishes: Copper, Gold or Chrome.
  • VitrA Suit L Wall Basin TapVitrA Suit L Wall Basin TapFrom £180.45 inc.VATRRP: £255.00 (Save 29%)Suit L basin tap in 3 colours: Copper, Gold or Chrome. Wall mounted tap with back plate, handle & spout.
  • VitrA T4 Cascade Flow Basin Wall TapVitrA T4 Cascade Flow Basin Wall Tap£548.00 inc.VATRRP: £783.01 (Save 30%)Waterfall spout basin tap, chrome plated spout & single lever handle on a backplate including concealed parts.
  • VitrA Minimax S Bath TapsVitrA Minimax S Bath Taps£57.85 inc.VATRRP: £89.00 (Save 35%)Pair of standard sized hot and cold bath pillar taps, lovely quality and stunning value for money.
  • VitrA Minimax S Basin TapsVitrA Minimax S Basin Taps£57.85 inc.VATRRP: £89.00 (Save 35%)Fantastic value for money basin taps, hot and cold taps for a 2 tap hole basin, polished chrome.
  • VitrA Minimax S Tall Basin TapVitrA Minimax S Tall Basin Tap£93.60 inc.VATRRP: £144.00 (Save 35%)Tall sized basin tap, ideal for installation with a sit on counter top wash bowl as it has more height.
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VitrA Mirrors

  • VitrA Nest Mirror with LED LightingVitrA Nest Mirror with LED LightingFrom £429.60 inc.VATRRP: £537.00 (Save 20%)Choose from 3 sizes: 60, 80 or 100cm. 4 colours: White, Anthracite, Grey or Natural Wood. Eco LED lighting.
  • VitrA Brite Illuminated MirrorVitrA Brite Illuminated MirrorFrom £184.00 inc.VATRRP: £230.00 (Save 20%)Illuminated mirror, touch on/off sensor, 4 sizes: 60, 80, 100, 120cm ideally suited to the same sized VitrA basin units.
  • VitrA Nest Mirror with ShelfVitrA Nest Mirror with ShelfFrom £367.20 inc.VATRRP: £459.00 (Save 20%)Large bathroom mirror with a handy shelf area for storing toiletries or adding decorative elements to your bathroom.
  • Vitra Sento Illuminated MirrorFree DeliveryVitra Sento Illuminated MirrorFrom £387.19 inc.VATRRP: £484.00 (Save 20%)Oak frame with illuminated strip
  • VitrA Frame Large 80cm Round LED MirrorVitrA Frame Large 80cm Round LED Mirror£1023.20 inc.VATRRP: £1279.00 (Save 20%)Round mirror with energy saving LED lights that activate on approach with proximity or a light touch.
  • VitrA Memoria Illuminated Mirror with shelfFree DeliveryVitrA Memoria Illuminated Mirror with shelfFrom £791.21 inc.VATRRP: £989.00 (Save 20%)Illuminated with LED fittings. Available in two finishes. Available in widths 1200 or 1500mm.
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VitrA Bathroom Accessories

VitrA's bathroom accessories offer a stunning high-end collection of product choices including gold and copper finish options to create a luxurious, contemporary bathroom interior.

  • VitrA Eternity Soap DispenserVitrA Eternity Soap DispenserFrom £82.40 inc.VATRRP: £103.00 (Save 20%)Free standing large liquid soap dispenser, choose from black and gold, black and chrome or white and chrome.
  • VitrA Eternity Toothbrush Holder TumblerVitrA Eternity Toothbrush Holder TumblerFrom £78.40 inc.VATRRP: £98.00 (Save 20%)Smooth organic shaped tumbler/holder. Choose from black with chrome or gold, or white with chrome.
  • VitrA S50 Bathroom ShelvesVitrA S50 Bathroom ShelvesFrom £22.10 inc.VATRRP: £34.00 (Save 35%)Bathroom shelves in 2 colours and a choice of 4 sizes: 45, 60, 80 or 100cm wide with wall fixings.
  • VitrA Juno Toilet Roll HolderVitrA Juno Toilet Roll HolderFrom £77.59 inc.VATRRP: £97.00 (Save 20%)Copper and Gold or Chrome plated finish options, with a clever anti fingerprint coating to keep a polished look
  • VitrA Eternity Towel RailVitrA Eternity Towel RailFrom £112.00 inc.VATRRP: £140.00 (Save 20%)Wall mounted in 2 colour options chrome or gold, 2 size options in widths of either 35cm or 62.5cm.
  • VitrA Eternity Bathroom BinVitrA Eternity Bathroom BinFrom £155.20 inc.VATRRP: £194.00 (Save 20%)Designer bathroom bin by Sebastian Conran for VitrA, award winning range in black white chrome and gold.
  • VitrA Eternity Toilet Brush & HolderVitrA Eternity Toilet Brush & HolderFrom £124.00 inc.VATRRP: £155.00 (Save 20%)Designed by Sebastian Conran for VitrA, these stylish wooden handled holders come with gold or chrome trim.
  • VitrA Eternity Toilet Roll HolderVitrA Eternity Toilet Roll HolderFrom £87.20 inc.VATRRP: £109.00 (Save 20%)British designer Sebastian Conran has created this stunning range in gold or chrome for VitrA.
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