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Based in Spain, Roca has a distinctive European feel to its superb bathroom collections. The latest innovations are dedicated to saving you time, money and water. Senso, Gap and Dama are some of their best-selling ranges featuring stunning designs and furniture that will integrate perfectly.

Roca Toilets

Bearing forms that become the very definition of modern luxury, these toilets and bidets from Roca are of the very highest quality in both style and build.

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Roca Bathroom Sinks

Exquisite shapes and bold designs are all part and parcel of the Roca approach to design, as we proudly present this collection of Roca basins and sinks that have immediate impact on the bathroom space.

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Roca Bathroom Furniture

High fashion meets top level design with Roca, as their collections of exquisitely rendered furniture demonstrates.

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Roca Baths

Roca Baths use fresh lines and a pared down approach to product design, ensuring maximum comfort for the user as well as projecting a sense of calm with their unfussy forms.

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Roca Taps & Mixers

Bold and beautiful, Roca demosntrate their design prowess with these stunning collections of contempoary taps and mixers that are perfect for the stylish, modern living space.

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