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Warmhaus radiators offer a quality selection of designer, flat and column radiators that bring ultimate interior style to your home. From warm smooth curves to extra-flat panels, the range of Warmhaus radiators offer something for everyone; even for the bathroom. Power up with a Warmhaus column radiator for instant heat with an aesthetic look or choose Warmhaus flat panel radiators for discreet heating solutions that fit in with any design style. Warmhaus have you covered wherever in the house you need heating options, with fashionable and reliable products that come highly recommended.

Why Choose Warmhaus

Warmhaus is the premier choice for an efficient, warm environment. With their advanced insulation technology, their products provide superior comfort without sacrificing energy consumption. Their innovative designs allow all rooms in the house to be warm and cozy regardless of the outside weather. Additionally, Warmhaus offers a variety of materials that can help reduce energy costs during any season. Quality and design are the cornerstones of each product ensuring customers experience maximum benefits. With an industry-leading warranty and commitment to unparalleled customer service, Warmhaus is your number one destination for warm, comfortable spaces.

Warmhaus design radiators

Warmhaus design radiators offer a modern and eye-catching solution for transforming any room into an inviting warm space. Not only do Warmhaus radiators guarantee consistent warmth, but they also have the added benefit of boasting minimalistic style – making them a statement piece in contemporary interior designs. Crafted from high-grade materials and built with care, Warmhaus radiators are designed to last many winters, helping you lower energy costs throughout the years. Furthermore, Warmhaus design radiators are available in a variety of sizes for optimizing heat distribution and customization potential. Transform your space today with Warmhaus!

Warmhaus column radiators

Looking for a quality central heating solution that offers both style and value for money? Look no further than Warmhaus column radiators! Boasting the largest range of sizes and orientation options on the market, these radiators come in 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 column varieties depending on your heat output and design requirements. Choose from a horizontal or vertical installation to fit any space, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with investing in a product designed to last. Whether you're renovating your home or simply in the market for a more efficient heating system, Warmhaus column radiators offer an unbeatable combination of style, performance and value.

Warmhaus panel radiators

When it comes to keeping your home warm and comfortable, you want a heating solution that is both efficient and effective. Warmhaus panel radiators are the perfect choice for anyone looking for quality heating that won't break the bank. With the largest range of sizes on the market, you're sure to find a radiator that suits your individual requirements and provides the heat output you need. Whether you're looking for a Type 11, Type 21, Type 22, or Type 33 radiator, Warmhaus has you covered. And if you're interested in combining your panel radiators with an air source or ground source heating system, the larger Type 33 radiators are a perfect choice. With Warmhaus, you can have confidence in the quality and value for money of your heating solution.

Warmhaus Guarantee

Warmhaus radiators are designed with both superior technology and stylish design in mind. As such, they offer a Warmhaus guarantee with every purchase. They believe so strongly in the quality of their products that they provide additional protection with the generous Warmhaus warranty – assuring you of a worry free experience when you choose Warmhaus. With Warmhaus radiators, you can be sure of highest quality standards combined with utmost safety and reliability.


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    Warmhaus 4 Column Radiator From £123.52 inc. VAT You Save: £202.48 Warm your house in style with this wonderfully efficient column radiator from Warmhaus.
  • Sale
    Warmhaus Mika 3 Column Radiator From £172.58 inc. VAT You Save: £319.42 Add some sophistication and reliable heating to your household with this stunning and efficient vertical column radiator...
  • Sale
    Warmhaus Artemis 2 Column Radiator From £101.52 inc. VAT You Save: £185.48 Choose from a variety of sizes of this wonderful vertical column radiator to get the best fit for your space.
  • Sale
    Warmhaus 6 Column Radiator From £248.72 inc. VAT You Save: £402.28 With 6 columns, this Warmhaus radiator provides excellent heat output. You can choose from many sizes to suit your space...
  • Sale
    Warmhaus 5 Column Radiator From £269.03 inc. VAT You Save: £435.97 Step up your home heating game with the stylish, performance-driven Warmhaus 5 Column Radiator.
  • Sale
    Warmhaus Luna 3 Column Radiator From £76.14 inc. VAT You Save: £121.86 The Warmhaus Luna 3 Column Radiator is the perfect choice to warm your home efficiently and stylishly.
  • Sale
    Warmhaus Celine 2 Column Radiator From £72.76 inc. VAT You Save: £136.24 Offering high heat output and timeless style, this Warmhaus multi-column radiator is perfect for any household.
  • Sale
    Warmhaus Type 33 Panel Radiator From £111.13 inc. VAT You Save: £168.91 This Warmhaus type 33 radiator offers exceptional thermal efficiency. You can choose from an impressive range of sizes f...
  • Sale
    Warmhaus Type 22 Panel Radiator From £30.82 inc. VAT You Save: £95.91 With an extensive selection of sizes, this Warmhaus type 22 panel radiator is both highly efficient and timeless.
  • Sale
    Warmhaus Type 21 Panel Radiator From £34.94 inc. VAT You Save: £112.86 Available in a wide range of sizes, this type 21 radiator from Warmhaus is highly efficient and attractive.
  • Sale
    Warmhaus Type 11 Panel Radiator From £19.85 inc. VAT You Save: £50.87 A type 11 radiator that is available in a vast range of sizes to fit almost any space beautifully.

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