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A wide range of toilets are available from us here at UK Bathrooms, including the latest technologies such as rimless, V&B DirectFlush, easy-clean coatings, and eco-flush volumes to save water. We sell leading brands such as Villeroy & Boch, Laufen, Imperial and many more. Browse our ranges!

Top Selling

Wall Hung Toilets

A wall hung toilet is an iconic statement piece of the twenty-first century, adding an element of light and air to the interior and when coupled with a concealed cistern, and are a key ingredient in the sleek, modern bathroom.

  • Crosswater Svelte Wall Hung WCApproved RetailerCrosswater Svelte Wall Hung WCFrom £276.49 inc.VATRRP: £394.99 (Save 30%)One of our most popular wall hung pans, modern, stylish and chic with a contemporary slimline seat.
  • VitrA Sento Wall Hung ToiletVitrA Sento Wall Hung ToiletFrom £193.60 inc.VATRRP: £242.00 (Save 20%)One of our best selling wall hung toilets! With a modern smooth shape, & seat options of slim or standard thickness.
  • Crosswater Infinity Rimless Wall Hung WCApproved RetailerCrosswater Infinity Rimless Wall Hung WCFrom £339.49 inc.VATRRP: £484.99 (Save 30%)Contemporary wall hung WC, rimless for a cleaner toilet. Seamless smooth sided pan, quick release seat.
  • Villeroy & Boch Soho Wall Mounted ToiletVilleroy & Boch Soho Wall Mounted ToiletFrom £308.28 inc.VATRRP: £440.40 (Save 30%)Also known as the Subway by Villeroy & Boch
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Close Coupled Toilets

Economy of space and water usage come together in the close coupled toilet, a modern invention that is crisp, hygienic and designed to lower running costs with its efficient use of water.

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Back to Wall Toilets

Back to wall toilets, also called floor standing toilets comprise of a floor mounted pan and require a concealed cistern. This space-saving design is simple and modern, whilst being competitively priced. A variety of sizes and styles are available.

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Traditional Toilets

Capturing the spirit of a bygone age, our range of traditional toilets help recreate the most elegant of Victorian and Edwardian town house styles.

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High Level Toilet

High Level Toilets are purely traditional in style, with their Victorian features such as metal flush pipes, flush handles on chains and ornate cistern brackets a high-level WC will help you create the Victorian bathroom look with ease.

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Low Level Toilet

A low level toilet is the pairing of a ceramic toilet pan which sits on the floor and a ceramic exposed cistern, connected by a metal flush pipe, the cistern is installed at a mid to low height on the wall with decorative brackets.

  • Imperial Oxford Low Level ToiletFree DeliveryImperial Oxford Low Level ToiletFrom £360.00 inc.VATRRP: £450.00 (Save 20%)Fittings available in either chrome gold or nickel, seat colour options to customise your choice!
  • Imperial Drift Low-Level ToiletFree DeliveryImperial Drift Low-Level ToiletFrom £316.00 inc.VATRRP: £395.00 (Save 20%)Low-Level Cistern and Pan with seat choices for finish and colour, with lever flush handle.
  • Burlington Low Level ToiletBurlington Low Level ToiletFrom £154.70 inc.VATRRP: £238.00 (Save 35%)Available with a push button or ceramic lever flush, and a choice of seat finishes
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    Burlington Medium Level Toilet
    Burlington Medium Level ToiletFrom £142.80 inc.VATRRP: £238.00 (Save 40%)Medium level toilet, available with seat and flush type options
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Shower Toilets

An eco-friendly all in one solution for creating a more hygienic approach to using the toilet. These paperless pans utilise shower sprays, heated seats, warm air drying and remote controls to provide you with a complete bathroom toilet solution.

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Cloakroom Toilets

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Toilet Units

  • Crosswater Glide II WC UnitApproved RetailerCrosswater Glide II WC UnitFrom £139.30 inc.VATRRP: £199.00 (Save 30%)WC unit in colours to match the Glide II Crosswater furniture including Blue smoke matt, Driftwood & more!
  • Crosswater Arena WC UnitApproved RetailerCrosswater Arena WC UnitFrom £126.00 inc.VATRRP: £180.00 (Save 30%)WC unit for wall hung or back to wall toilets, 4 contemporary colours to match the Crosswater Arena furniture.
  • Crosswater Svelte WC Unit Approved RetailerCrosswater Svelte WC Unit From £147.00 inc.VATRRP: £210.00 (Save 30%)To suit the Svelte units, colours: White gloss, American walnut, Storm grey matt, Grey ash veneer.
  • VitrA S50 Toilet Furniture UnitVitrA S50 Toilet Furniture UnitFrom £220.35 inc.VATRRP: £339.00 (Save 35%)Toilet furniture WC unit from the S50 range in 2 colours white or oak, with cistern & button! Great value.
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Bathroom Suites

For ease and peace of mind, we have put some Bathroom Packs together with everything you need in one place at a great price.

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Available in both modern and traditional guises, the bathroom bidet is an often overlooked unit, capable of adding a whole new level of functionality to the bathroom space while complementing its surrounding sanitary ware.

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Concealed Toilet Cisterns

When paired with a back to wall or wall hung toilet, a concealed cistern forms a key ingredient in creating a stripped down, modern WC environment with a reliable, economic design.

  • VitrA WC Frame Regular 12cm Depth for Stud WallsVitrA WC Frame Regular 12cm Depth for Stud WallsFrom £174.20 inc.VATRRP: £268.00 (Save 35%)Frame and concealed cistern pack for wall hung toilets. Floor supports only (for installation within stud walls).
  • VitrA Concealed Toilet CisternVitrA Concealed Toilet CisternFrom £66.30 inc.VATRRP: £102.00 (Save 35%)A concealed toilet cistern that will work with all standard back to wall toilets, wide choice of flush plates.
  • Villeroy & Boch ViConnect WC FrameFree DeliveryVilleroy & Boch ViConnect WC FrameFrom £263.70 inc.VATRRP: £351.60 (Save 25%)Toilet cistern frame packs in 4 sizes including a slim design, suitable for V&B ViConnect flush plates
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    Grohe Rapid SL 3 in 1 WC Frame Pack
    Free DeliveryGrohe Rapid SL 3 in 1 WC Frame PackFrom £151.99 inc.VATRRP: £429.77 (Save 65%)0.82, 1.0 and 1.13m high frames with choice of three flush plates
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Toilet Seats

Whether you need a simple standard toilet seat, or a bespoke wooden unit with soft close hinges, our selection of toilet seats covers every price point while focusing on products that are comfortable for use every day.

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