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VitrA - Bathroom Furniture

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  • VitrA Frame 1 Drawer 100cm Vanity with BasinVitrA Frame 1 Drawer 100cm Vanity with BasinFrom £1393.61 inc.VATRRP: £1742.00 (Save 20%)Simply stunning range of designer furniture, cutting edge contemporary design with LED lighting inside & out.
  • VitrA Nest 60cm 2 Door VanityVitrA Nest 60cm 2 Door VanityFrom £600.00 inc.VATRRP: £750.00 (Save 20%)2 soft opening doors, 60cm wide 45cm deep. 4 fantastic colours, Gloss white, Anthracite, Natural or Grey wood.
  • VitrA Nest Trendy 80cm 1 Drawer VanityVitrA Nest Trendy 80cm 1 Drawer VanityFrom £688.80 inc.VATRRP: £861.00 (Save 20%)80cm wide, single drawer with soft close rails, option for LED lighting on the basin. 1 tap hole with overflow hole.
  • VitrA M-Line Infinit 120cm Double Drawer VanityVitrA M-Line Infinit 120cm Double Drawer VanityFrom £1623.19 inc.VATRRP: £2029.00 (Save 20%)There is uber storage in this extra large 1200mm wide, double drawer vanity unit! Glass fronted, premium quality.
  • VitrA Ecora 3 Drawer Vanity UnitVitrA Ecora 3 Drawer Vanity UnitFrom £484.25 inc.VATRRP: £745.00 (Save 35%)Maximum family bathroom storage with 3 soft closing drawers! Stunning unit & basin package at a fantastic price.
  • VitrA Ecora 2 Drawer Vanity UnitVitrA Ecora 2 Drawer Vanity UnitFrom £414.70 inc.VATRRP: £638.00 (Save 35%)Double drawer vanity unit and basin set in 2 stylish colours, classic white or oak. A choice of energy saving LED.
  • VitrA S50 80cm 1 Drawer VanityVitrA S50 80cm 1 Drawer VanityFrom £367.90 inc.VATRRP: £566.00 (Save 35%)1 drawer vanity unit with soft close action, 2 colours to choose from Oak or White, includes basin.
  • VitrA S50 50cm Floorstanding 1 Door VanityVitrA S50 50cm Floorstanding 1 Door VanityFrom £220.35 inc.VATRRP: £339.00 (Save 35%)Floor standing vanity unit and basin set with 1 tap hole, 50cm in width in 2 colours: White or Oak finish.
  • VitrA S50 100cm 1 Drawer VanityVitrA S50 100cm 1 Drawer VanityFrom £441.35 inc.VATRRP: £679.00 (Save 35%)Large 100cm vanity unit & basin package with one soft closing drawer, choose from 2 colours Oak or White.
  • VitrA D Light Side UnitVitrA D Light Side UnitFrom £209.30 inc.VATRRP: £322.00 (Save 35%)Wall mounted side unit with soft closing hinges in 4 stylish colour options, with optional towel hook feature.
  • VitrA Sento Oak ConsoleVitrA Sento Oak Console£164.80 inc.VATRRP: £206.00 (Save 20%)Large 95cm oak console, part of the coveted VitrA Sento collection, supports Sento storage units.
  • VitrA S50 Toilet Furniture UnitVitrA S50 Toilet Furniture UnitFrom £220.35 inc.VATRRP: £339.00 (Save 35%)Toilet furniture WC unit from the S50 range in 2 colours white or oak, with cistern & button! Great value.
  • VitrA D Light 50cm LED Illuminated VanityVitrA D Light 50cm LED Illuminated VanityFrom £328.25 inc.VATRRP: £505.00 (Save 35%)50cm wide, offset ideal for cloakrooms & small bathrooms in 4 modern colours. Includes basin and LED unit.
  • VitrA D Light Tall UnitVitrA D Light Tall UnitFrom £338.65 inc.VATRRP: £521.00 (Save 35%)Tall unit with soft close right hand hinged door, 1135mm in height with optional towel hook upgrade, 4 colours!
  • VitrA D Light 70cm LED Illuminated VanityVitrA D Light 70cm LED Illuminated VanityFrom £412.75 inc.VATRRP: £635.00 (Save 35%)LED illuminated basin and unit pack available in 4 fantastic colours: Matt white alone or with mink, purple or oak.
  • VitrA D Light 90cm LED Illuminated VanityVitrA D Light 90cm LED Illuminated VanityFrom £455.00 inc.VATRRP: £700.00 (Save 35%)Illuminated bathroom vanity unit with basin in 4 stunning modern colours for a light bright new bathroom!
  • VitrA Sento Wall CabinetVitrA Sento Wall CabinetFrom £700.80 inc.VATRRP: £876.00 (Save 20%)Wall cabinet with upward folding door, in 3 colour options. Ideal storage for a bathroom or utility room.
  • VitrA Ecora 2 Door Vanity UnitVitrA Ecora 2 Door Vanity UnitFrom £310.70 inc.VATRRP: £478.00 (Save 35%)Choose from 60cm or 90cm width and colour options White or Oak. 2 soft closing doors, the basin is included.
  • VitrA Nest 1 Door 60cm Mirror cabinetVitrA Nest 1 Door 60cm Mirror cabinetFrom £515.20 inc.VATRRP: £644.00 (Save 20%)Features LED lighting with left or right hand door hinge. 60 x 70h x 15cm with 1 door. 4 colour options!
  • Vitra M-Line 60cm Double Door Floorstanding VanityVitra M-Line 60cm Double Door Floorstanding VanityFrom £339.19 inc.VATRRP: £424.00 (Save 20%)Floorstanding vanity unit in 3 colour options with 2 soft closing doors and a robust thermoform coated carcass.
  • Vitra Sento Single Door Mirror CabinetVitra Sento Single Door Mirror CabinetFrom £499.20 inc.VATRRP: £624.00 (Save 20%)With shaver socket. 500 /600mm width with integral lighting. Oak trim to sides.
  • VitrA Nest 80cm 2 Door VanityVitrA Nest 80cm 2 Door VanityFrom £683.99 inc.VATRRP: £855.00 (Save 20%)80cm wide unit & basin ideal for a family bathroom 4 colours to choose, soft closing doors & safe round corners.
  • VitrA Nest 2 Door 100cm Mirror CabinetVitrA Nest 2 Door 100cm Mirror CabinetFrom £579.20 inc.VATRRP: £724.00 (Save 20%)Extra large 1 meter wide mirror cabinet featuring energy saving long lasting LED lighting and 4 colour way choices.
  • VitrA Nest Child Step and Storage BoxVitrA Nest Child Step and Storage BoxFrom £131.21 inc.VATRRP: £164.00 (Save 20%)A child step for the award winning, family friendly Nordic designed range Nest and Nest Trendy - 4 colours!
  • VitrA Shift Small 50cm Unit with Basin VitrA Shift Small 50cm Unit with Basin From £360.00 inc.VATRRP: £450.00 (Save 20%)Petite 50cm unit and basin package with double doors. 2 lovely colours: stylish Mocha or classic White, with basin!
  • VitrA Frame Tall Unit with Bottom DrawerVitrA Frame Tall Unit with Bottom DrawerFrom £1251.19 inc.VATRRP: £1564.00 (Save 20%)Front drawer on the bottom of unit, with 3 stunning colour combination options and left or right hinge door.
  • VitrA M-Line Infinit 120cm Mirror CabinetVitrA M-Line Infinit 120cm Mirror CabinetFrom £947.20 inc.VATRRP: £1184.00 (Save 20%)Stunning premium quality triple door mirror cabinet with eco save LED lighting, 3 shelves and 3 fantastic colourways!
  • VitrA Sento Cloakroom Vanity UnitVitrA Sento Cloakroom Vanity UnitFrom £371.20 inc.VATRRP: £464.00 (Save 20%)Illuminated with LED lighting, optional wooden legs or install as wall mounted without the legs, 3 colours!
  • VitrA Nest Cloakroom 1 Door VanityVitrA Nest Cloakroom 1 Door VanityFrom £512.79 inc.VATRRP: £641.00 (Save 20%)Cloakroom sized unit with basin, 45 x 38cm. 1 door unit with soft close hinges, left or right hand, 4 colours!
  • VitrA Integra Tall Unit Storage CabinetVitrA Integra Tall Unit Storage CabinetFrom £387.20 inc.VATRRP: £484.00 (Save 20%)1550mm tall storage unit with 7 shelves, internal adjustable glass shelves in 3 different stlyish colour combinations.
  • VitrA Nest 100cm 2 Door VanityVitrA Nest 100cm 2 Door VanityFrom £753.59 inc.VATRRP: £942.00 (Save 20%)Extra large 100cm wide vanity unit & basin ideal for young families with softly rounded corners & soft closing.
  • VitrA Integra Medium 80cm Vanity Unit with BasinVitrA Integra Medium 80cm Vanity Unit with BasinFrom £469.60 inc.VATRRP: £587.00 (Save 20%)Medium sized 80cm wide vanity unit and basin package in 3 beautiful colourways, Grey Elm, Bamboo or Walnut.
  • Vitra M-Line Tall Storage UnitVitra M-Line Tall Storage UnitFrom £237.60 inc.VATRRP: £297.00 (Save 20%)Choose from 3 colour options: Gloss grey, Gloss white or Dark elm. Wall mounted with soft close hinges.
  • VitrA Double Door 800mm Mirror CabinetVitrA Double Door 800mm Mirror CabinetFrom £228.00 inc.VATRRP: £285.00 (Save 20%)Colour options of White or Oak. Matches the VitrA S50 and VitrA Ecora ranges, 800m wide with 2 doors
  • VitrA S20 2 Door 65cm Vanity with BasinVitrA S20 2 Door 65cm Vanity with BasinFrom £220.35 inc.VATRRP: £339.00 (Save 35%)Basin and unit package in Gloss white or Golden cherry, amazing value for money for those on a budget!
  • VitrA Nest Trendy 60cm 2 Drawer VanityVitrA Nest Trendy 60cm 2 Drawer VanityFrom £796.01 inc.VATRRP: £995.00 (Save 20%)Sensor activated LED lighting option! 2 drawers for maximum storage, 4 fantastic colour options to choose from.
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