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VitrA - Bathroom Sinks

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  • VitrA Water Jewels Round BowlVitrA Water Jewels Round BowlFrom £230.40 inc.VATRRP: £288.00 (Save 20%)5 cutting edge coloured glazes: Copper, Gold, Platinum, Black or standard White. Can be underset, inset or sit-on.
  • VitrA Integra Round BasinVitrA Integra Round BasinFrom £115.20 inc.VATRRP: £144.00 (Save 20%)The perfect high quality family basin, a wide range of sizes, smooth modern design & fantastic value for money!
  • VitrA Shift BasinVitrA Shift BasinFrom £130.40 inc.VATRRP: £163.00 (Save 20%)4 popular sized bathroom sinks: 550, 600, 650, or 800mm wide. With one tap hole and pedestal or bottle trap options.
  • VitrA Outline Round BowlVitrA Outline Round BowlFrom £328.01 inc.VATRRP: £410.00 (Save 20%)Choose from 4 contemporary colours: black, taupe, mink or white, all in a matt texture with a colour matched waste.
  • VitrA Valarte Basin and WashstandVitrA Valarte Basin and WashstandFrom £600.00 inc.VATRRP: £750.00 (Save 20%)Options for every bathroom - choose from 3 sizes! 65cm, 80cm or 100cm wide. 1 or 3 tap hole basins. Great value!
  • VitrA Valarte 580mm Inset BasinVitrA Valarte 580mm Inset Basin£119.20 inc.VATRRP: £149.00 (Save 20%)Classic style 580mm inset counter top wash bowl basin, with traditional type overflow and no tap holes.
  • VitrA Sento Large BasinVitrA Sento Large BasinFrom £173.60 inc.VATRRP: £217.00 (Save 20%)Large wall mounted basins, either 78cm or 98cm wide. Can also be installed on worktops and counters.
  • VitrA Elegance Basin WasteVitrA Elegance Basin WasteFrom £44.00 inc.VATRRP: £55.00 (Save 20%)3 contemporary finishes: Copper, Gold or Chrome. Suitable for all standard basins. Suits VitrA brassware.
  • VitrA Milton Cloakroom SinkVitrA Milton Cloakroom SinkFrom £40.30 inc.VATRRP: £62.00 (Save 35%)Budget bathroom basin for cloakrooms and small en-suites at a petite 45cm in width, with 1 or 2 tap holes.
  • Vitra Options Nuo Rectangular Countertop BasinVitra Options Nuo Rectangular Countertop Basin£286.39 inc.VATRRP: £358.00 (Save 20%)
  • VitrA Shift Compact Offset BasinVitrA Shift Compact Offset BasinFrom £114.40 inc.VATRRP: £143.00 (Save 20%)2 sizes: 50cm or 60cm wide, with on tap hole on the right hand side and an overflow. 50 x 25cm or 60 x 35cm sizes.
  • Vitra M-Line Rectangular Undercounter BasinVitra M-Line Rectangular Undercounter BasinFrom £136.01 inc.VATRRP: £170.00 (Save 20%)3 sizes: 500, 600, or 795mm wide rectangular shaped under counter bathroom sinks for domestic or commercial.
  • VitrA Shift 45cm Compact BasinVitrA Shift 45cm Compact BasinFrom £117.60 inc.VATRRP: £147.00 (Save 20%)Compact basin ideal for small bathrooms, cloakrooms or en suites. 450mm wide with 1 tap hole & offset overflow.
  • VitrA Shift Countertop BowlVitrA Shift Countertop Bowl£162.40 inc.VATRRP: £203.00 (Save 20%)Bowl basin for counter top / worktop or suitable furniture top installation, 55cm in width for tall basin mixers.
  • VitrA Shift 80cm Compact Offset BasinVitrA Shift 80cm Compact Offset BasinFrom £130.40 inc.VATRRP: £163.00 (Save 20%)80cm wide basin, slim in depth at only 35cm projection, with one tap hole on the left or right hand side, with overflow.
  • VitrA M-Line Oval Countertop Basin with LedgeVitrA M-Line Oval Countertop Basin with LedgeFrom £147.19 inc.VATRRP: £184.00 (Save 20%)Oval basin for worktops or counters with a tap ledge suitable for installation with standard sized taps, with overflow.
  • VitrA Outline Pebble BowlVitrA Outline Pebble BowlFrom £361.61 inc.VATRRP: £452.00 (Save 20%)Charming natural pebble shaped bowl, for counter top installation, with colour matched waste. 5 colours!
  • VitrA Frame TV Inset BowlVitrA Frame TV Inset BowlFrom £211.20 inc.VATRRP: £264.00 (Save 20%)Soft trapezium bowl, designed to be inset in to a work top or counter-top. Matt or glossy black or white colour options.
  • VitrA Shift Semi Recessed BasinVitrA Shift Semi Recessed Basin£144.00 inc.VATRRP: £180.00 (Save 20%)Semi recessed basin designed for a countertop or suitable furniture, 550mm wide with one tap hole and overflow.
  • VitrA M-Line Semi Recessed BasinVitrA M-Line Semi Recessed Basin£187.20 inc.VATRRP: £234.00 (Save 20%)600mm in width, designed to be semi recessed into a counter top or compatible furniture, 1 tap hole with overflow.
  • VitrA M-line 60cm Countertop BasinVitrA M-line 60cm Countertop BasinFrom £136.01 inc.VATRRP: £170.00 (Save 20%)60cm wide medium sized counter top basin with no tap holes, rectangular with overflow, 40cm from back to front.
  • VitrA M-Line Round Countertop Basin with LedgeVitrA M-Line Round Countertop Basin with LedgeFrom £147.19 inc.VATRRP: £184.00 (Save 20%)Counter top basin for units or worktops with a tap ledge, with overflow without overflow can be ordered on request.
  • Vitra M-Line 50cm Countertop BasinVitra M-Line 50cm Countertop BasinFrom £136.01 inc.VATRRP: £170.00 (Save 20%)Counter top or work top sit on basin 50 x 40cm (50cm wide at the front face) no tap holes, with overflow, rectangular.
  • Vitra Options Nuo Double Bathroom BasinFree DeliveryVitra Options Nuo Double Bathroom Basin£542.40 inc.VATRRP: £678.00 (Save 20%)
  • Vitra M-Line 80cm Countertop BasinVitra M-Line 80cm Countertop BasinFrom £194.40 inc.VATRRP: £243.00 (Save 20%)Large 80cm wide counter top basin, no tap holes with overflow and the option for a matching white ceramic waste.
  • Vitra Options Geo Ellipse Countertop BasinVitra Options Geo Ellipse Countertop Basin£286.39 inc.VATRRP: £358.00 (Save 20%)
  • Vitra Sento Semi-recessed Wash BasinVitra Sento Semi-recessed Wash Basin£157.61 inc.VATRRP: £197.00 (Save 20%)For countertop, work surface or vanity unit installation, semi recessed with 1 tap hole. 535mm wide.
  • VitrA Water Jewels Square BowlVitrA Water Jewels Square BowlFrom £230.40 inc.VATRRP: £288.00 (Save 20%)5 colours! White, Platinum, Gold, Copper, Black base. Can be installed 3 ways: Sit on, sit in, or under mounted.
  • VitrA M-Line Small Square Countertop BasinVitrA M-Line Small Square Countertop BasinFrom £136.01 inc.VATRRP: £170.00 (Save 20%)Square counter top basin 400 x 400mm with overflow, no tap hole ideal for wall mounted taps or tall basin mixers.
  • Vitra Serenada Traditional Semi-Recessed Basin Vitra Serenada Traditional Semi-Recessed Basin From £108.55 inc.VATRRP: £167.00 (Save 35%)
  • Vitra M-Line Cloakroom BasinVitra M-Line Cloakroom BasinFrom £136.01 inc.VATRRP: £170.00 (Save 20%)Cloakroom sized basin, 400mm wide, 460mm deep from the wall to the front of the sink. Optional chrome trap.
  • VitrA Memoria Oval Countertop BasinVitrA Memoria Oval Countertop Basin£492.79 inc.VATRRP: £616.00 (Save 20%)Comes with white cap and waste. Elegant design that measures 800(w) x 400(d) mm, mineral cast material.
  • VitrA M-Line Round Countertop BasinVitrA M-Line Round Countertop Basin£136.01 inc.VATRRP: £170.00 (Save 20%)45cm diameter round counter top bowl for installation on a worktop, no tap holes with overflow (without one POA)
  • VitrA S20 Vanity BasinVitrA S20 Vanity BasinFrom £104.65 inc.VATRRP: £161.00 (Save 35%)2 sizes of vanity basin from the stylish and affordable S20 range: 650 or 850mm with matching furniture option.
  • VitrA Integra Square BasinVitrA Integra Square BasinFrom £115.20 inc.VATRRP: £144.00 (Save 20%)An excellent range of basins sized 55, 60 and 65cm suitable for a wide range of bathroom types, clean simple design.
  • VitrA Frame Round Sit on BasinVitrA Frame Round Sit on BasinFrom £211.20 inc.VATRRP: £264.00 (Save 20%)Counter-top sit on style basin, round design with a 405mm diameter in black / white, matt or glossy with waste option.
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