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Vitra Bathroom Sinks

Solidly built and affordable, VitrA provide basins that are fresh, modern and compatible with a range of decors, all presented with highly accessible price points.

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  • VitrA Valarte 2 Door 80cm Vanity Unit and BasinVitrA Valarte 2 Door 80cm Vanity Unit and BasinFrom £642.41 inc.VATRRP: £803.00 (Save 20%)Double door 80cm wide in 3 colours, white ivory or grey. Choose gold or chrome handles, and 1 or 3 tap holes.
  • VitrA Equal Basin with Black Towel RailVitrA Equal Basin with Black Towel RailFrom £320.80 inc.VATRRP: £401.00 (Save 20%)2 basin sizes: 465mm or 640mm. Includes black towel rail, optional matching black mirror available.
  • VitrA S20 Bathroom BasinVitrA S20 Bathroom BasinFrom £46.15 inc.VATRRP: £71.00 (Save 35%)A versatile, stylish basin in 4 sizes: 50, 55, 60, 65cm. One or two tap holes, with full or semi pedestal options.
  • VitrA S20 Vanity BasinVitrA S20 Vanity BasinFrom £104.65 inc.VATRRP: £161.00 (Save 35%)2 sizes of vanity basin from the stylish and affordable S20 range: 650 or 850mm with matching furniture option.
  • VitrA Shift 45cm Compact BasinVitrA Shift 45cm Compact BasinFrom £117.60 inc.VATRRP: £147.00 (Save 20%)Compact basin ideal for small bathrooms, cloakrooms or en suites. 450mm wide with 1 tap hole & offset overflow.
  • VitrA Sento Medium BasinVitrA Sento Medium BasinFrom £132.00 inc.VATRRP: £165.00 (Save 20%)Wall mounted basin with semi pedestal or chrome trap option, and optional matching white waste.
  • Vitra Options Nuo Double Bathroom BasinFree DeliveryVitra Options Nuo Double Bathroom Basin£542.40 inc.VATRRP: £678.00 (Save 20%)
  • VitrA Shift BasinVitrA Shift BasinFrom £130.39 inc.VATRRP: £163.00 (Save 20%)4 popular sized bathroom sinks: 550, 600, 650, or 800mm wide. With one tap hole and pedestal or bottle trap options.
  • VitrA M-Line Medium 60cm BasinVitrA M-Line Medium 60cm BasinFrom £152.00 inc.VATRRP: £190.00 (Save 20%)A medium sized modern basin, 60cm in width with one tap hole and an overflow, waste options for pedestals.
  • VitrA Sento Large BasinVitrA Sento Large BasinFrom £184.80 inc.VATRRP: £231.00 (Save 20%)Large wall mounted basins, either 78cm or 98cm wide. Can also be installed on worktops and counters.
  • VitrA Zentrum BasinVitrA Zentrum BasinFrom £70.20 inc.VATRRP: £108.00 (Save 35%)With options for wall mounting with a bottle trap, a semi pedestal or a full pedestal. 3 sizes: 55, 60 or 65cm
  • VitrA Equal Basin with Black ShelfVitrA Equal Basin with Black ShelfFrom £451.20 inc.VATRRP: £564.00 (Save 20%)60cm wide basin with under-mounted black rail shelf. 1 tap hole with overflow slotted waste.
  • Vitra S50 Large Square Bathroom BasinVitra S50 Large Square Bathroom BasinFrom £73.45 inc.VATRRP: £113.00 (Save 35%)
  • VitrA S20 Cloakroom Basin VitrA S20 Cloakroom Basin From £46.15 inc.VATRRP: £71.00 (Save 35%)Cloakroom sized 45cm wide basin with a choice of 1 or 2 tap holes, full pedestal, semi pedestal or a chrome trap.
  • VitrA Shift Asymmetrical BasinVitrA Shift Asymmetrical BasinFrom £159.19 inc.VATRRP: £199.00 (Save 20%)Eye catching asymmetrical shaped basin with a ledge on the right hand side, functional well made and well designed!
  • VitrA Sento Compact BasinVitrA Sento Compact Basin£135.20 inc.VATRRP: £169.00 (Save 20%)500mm wide, suitable for cloakrooms or en-suite bathrooms. Wall mounted, can also be fitted as a 'sit on' basin.
  • VitrA Layton Bathroom SinkVitrA Layton Bathroom SinkFrom £44.21 inc.VATRRP: £68.00 (Save 35%)Classic modern basin at an amazing price, 55cm, 60cm or 65cm wide. Options for pedestal or a semi pedestal.
  • Vitra S50 Round Bathroom BasinVitra S50 Round Bathroom BasinFrom £73.45 inc.VATRRP: £113.00 (Save 35%)
  • VitrA Integra Square BasinVitrA Integra Square BasinFrom £115.20 inc.VATRRP: £144.00 (Save 20%)An excellent range of basins sized 55, 60 and 65cm suitable for a wide range of bathroom types, clean simple design.
  • Vitra S50 Compact Cloakroom BasinVitra S50 Compact Cloakroom BasinFrom £73.45 inc.VATRRP: £113.00 (Save 35%)
  • VitrA Equal Asymmetrical Basin with Black Towel RailVitrA Equal Asymmetrical Basin with Black Towel RailFrom £425.60 inc.VATRRP: £532.00 (Save 20%)80cm wide, asymmetrical shaped basin including a black towel rail & an optional matching black framed mirror.
  • Vitra M-Line Cloakroom BasinVitra M-Line Cloakroom BasinFrom £140.80 inc.VATRRP: £176.00 (Save 20%)Cloakroom sized basin, 400mm wide, 460mm deep from the wall to the front of the sink. Optional chrome trap.
  • Vitra Nest Bathroom WashbasinVitra Nest Bathroom WashbasinFrom £136.01 inc.VATRRP: £170.00 (Save 20%)
  • VitrA Zentrum Cloakroom BasinVitrA Zentrum Cloakroom BasinFrom £63.05 inc.VATRRP: £97.00 (Save 35%)A neat, petite cloakroom basin from the attractive Zentrum range by VitrA, with options for pedestals or a trap.
  • VitrA Integra Round Cloakroom BasinVitrA Integra Round Cloakroom BasinFrom £90.41 inc.VATRRP: £113.00 (Save 20%)Round basin, 2 small cloakroom sizes: 45 or 49cm, with options for matching semi or full pedestals, or a chrome trap.
  • Vitra Nest 1000mm Asymmetrical BasinVitra Nest 1000mm Asymmetrical Basin£234.41 inc.VATRRP: £293.00 (Save 20%)
  • VitrA S20 Accessible WashbasinVitrA S20 Accessible WashbasinFrom £96.85 inc.VATRRP: £149.00 (Save 35%)Wheelchair accessible basin, custom designed front facia for comfort and ease of use with a modern clean shape.
  • VitrA Layton Cloakroom BasinVitrA Layton Cloakroom BasinFrom £44.21 inc.VATRRP: £68.00 (Save 35%)Cloakroom basin in 2 sizes: 45 or 50cm wide. 1 or 2 tap holes, optional full or semi pedestals.
  • VitrA M-Line Small 50cm BasinVitrA M-Line Small 50cm BasinFrom £152.00 inc.VATRRP: £190.00 (Save 20%)Small sized basin, 50cm in width with a depth from the wall of 46cm. One tap hole basin with optional traps or pedestal.
  • VitrA Sento Large Double BasinVitrA Sento Large Double BasinFrom £352.80 inc.VATRRP: £441.00 (Save 20%)Can be wall hung or countertop fitted. 1300mm wide double basin. Twin bowls with a single tap hole each.
  • VitrA Integra Square Cloakroom BasinVitrA Integra Square Cloakroom BasinFrom £90.41 inc.VATRRP: £113.00 (Save 20%)Cloakroom basins, smaller petite sizes of: 45cm or 50cm with one tap hole and options for full or semi pedestals.
  • VitrA Integra Round BasinVitrA Integra Round BasinFrom £115.20 inc.VATRRP: £144.00 (Save 20%)The perfect high quality family basin, a wide range of sizes, smooth modern design & fantastic value for money!
  • Vitra S50 Round Corner BasinVitra S50 Round Corner BasinFrom £67.61 inc.VATRRP: £104.00 (Save 35%)
  • VitrA Milton BasinVitrA Milton BasinFrom £35.10 inc.VATRRP: £54.00 (Save 35%)Excellent value for money bathroom sink, 1 or 2 tap holes. 3 sizes: 55cm, 60cm or 65cm. Optional pedestal.
  • VitrA Milton Cloakroom SinkVitrA Milton Cloakroom SinkFrom £40.31 inc.VATRRP: £62.00 (Save 35%)Budget bathroom basin for cloakrooms and small en-suites at a petite 45cm in width, with 1 or 2 tap holes.
  • VitrA Equal Asymmetrical Basin with Black ShelfVitrA Equal Asymmetrical Basin with Black ShelfFrom £508.00 inc.VATRRP: £635.00 (Save 20%)Asymmetrical 80cm basin with one tap hole, black rail style shelf and optional black LED wall mirror.

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