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SANIPLUS - Saniflo Macerator

SANI03 (1003)

UKB Item Reference: 1459

SANIPLUS - Saniflo Macerator
  • SANIPLUS - Saniflo Macerator
  • SANIPLUS - Saniflo Macerator
  • SANIPLUS - Saniflo Macerator
  • SANIPLUS - Saniflo Macerator

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Finance Available

Can take the waste from a WC, bidet, a wash basin and a shower. read more

inc. VAT | RRP: £873.47 | You Save: £366.86 (42%)

Est 3 - 5 Days | More Info

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When waste and water aren't moving out of your bathroom efficiently, you might experience all sorts of problems. Backed up toilets, overflowing, plugged drains - there's a long list of stuff you don't want to face in your washroom. The Saniflo Macerator efficiently moves waste from a water closet, wash basin, shower and bidet. It's got a powerful motor, but thanks to the sound-reducing design you won't really notice. The induction motor is made without carbon brushes or gears that tend to wear out over time. It's been crafted with lightweight and tough materials: neoprene, stainless steel, C.R.P. and polypropylene. It takes less than a minute for this powerful Saniflo Macerator to move waste and water from drains, because you don't want that stuff hanging around in your complete shower room.

Please note: The dimensions shown here are of the unit only and do not allow for these additional space requirements as they may differ for each installation. It is the responsibility of the purchaser or installer to ensure that the Saniflo product selected will fit in the chosen place of installation with due allowance for pipework runs, electrical connections etc.

For best installation practice please observe the following:

Avoid any contact with the walls of the room when fitting the tank.
Make sure that the anti-vibration pads are properly stuck underneath the tank at the

indicated locations, to minimize vibrations.
Screw the fastening tabs to the floor to prevent the appliance from moving.
Position the tank on a perfectly level floor so that the anti-vibration pads can work effectively.
Fasten the outlet piping correctly avoiding any distances between attachments in

excess of one metre.

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Saniplus - saniflo macerator
By D Woods,

The service was quick and efficient. The price was the best I could find. Highly recommended.

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