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  • wedi Tile Backer Boardswedi Tile Backer BoardsFrom £17.74inc.VATRRP: £22.16 (Save 20%)Thicknesses of: 4, 6, 10, 12.5, 20, 30, 40 and 50mm. Sizes from: 125 x 60cm up to XXL 250 x 120cm
  • wedi 610 Adhesive and Sealantwedi 610 Adhesive and Sealant£15.05inc.VATRRP: £18.82 (Save 20%)wedi 100% guaranteed waterproof seal. Hybrid adhesive and sealant material for wedi products & top wall, 310ml
  • wedi 520 Flexible Sealant wedi 520 Flexible Sealant £111.77inc.VATRRP: £139.72 (Save 20%)Indoor & outdoor, waterproof and frost-resistant flexible sealant, for swimming pools, wetrooms & more
  • wedi Bathroom Pack A Classic Solution 900 x 900mmwedi Bathroom Pack A Classic Solution 900 x 900mm£538.20inc.VATRRP: £672.74 (Save 20%)An exclusive complete bathroom pack of wedi tile backer board including all accessories & parts, 900 x 900mm
  • wedi Bathroom Pack B Classic Solution 900 x 1200mmwedi Bathroom Pack B Classic Solution 900 x 1200mm£615.83inc.VATRRP: £769.79 (Save 20%)Complete waterproof shower area pack with a 900 x 1200mm tray former, 1200 & 900mm wall boards for tiling
  • wedi Bathroom Pack C Wooden Floor Solution 900 x 1200mmwedi Bathroom Pack C Wooden Floor Solution 900 x 1200mm£643.02inc.VATRRP: £803.77 (Save 20%)1200 x 900mm kit inc tray former to create a 100% waterproof corner shower, with 2 wall panels 1200 and 900mm.
  • wedi board BA Construct for Curveswedi board BA Construct for CurvesFrom £55.82inc.VATRRP: £69.78 (Save 20%)Curved wedi board, with cuts either width or lengthways to create a wide range of curved wedi board areas
  • wedi Fundo Fino Drain Frameswedi Fundo Fino Drain FramesFrom £39.35inc.VATRRP: £49.19 (Save 20%)For the wedi Fundo line, works with the wedi Fundo Fino drain grates and the Fundo point drainage bases
  • wedi Fundo Fino Drain Grateswedi Fundo Fino Drain GratesFrom £32.83inc.VATRRP: £41.04 (Save 20%)Fundo Fino drain grates for the wedi Fundo shower bases with point drainage, choose from different styles.
  • wedi Fundo Integro Shower Base with Wastewedi Fundo Integro Shower Base with WasteFrom £598.49inc.VATRRP: £748.10 (Save 20%)90mm thick, with integrated drain & waste. Offset or centre drains, sizes from 900mm up to 1800mm
  • wedi Fundo Plano Linea Shower Base with Wastewedi Fundo Plano Linea Shower Base with WasteFrom £663.04inc.VATRRP: £828.79 (Save 20%)All in one shower base, 100% waterproof for tiling over. 70mm thick, 4 size options with drain & waste in-built
  • wedi Fundo Riolito Discreto Wall Drainwedi Fundo Riolito Discreto Wall DrainFrom £476.02inc.VATRRP: £595.02 (Save 20%)Wall fitted drain which is designed to be used on the wedi Riolito Neo or wedi Plano Linea wedi shower bases.
  • wedi Fundo Riolito Neo Shower Basewedi Fundo Riolito Neo Shower BaseFrom £505.40inc.VATRRP: £631.75 (Save 20%)Waterproof shower base for tiling, or use the wedi Fundo top. Modern slim waste, customisable channel cover option.
  • wedi Fundo Top Plano Shower Base Coverwedi Fundo Top Plano Shower Base CoverFrom £255.29inc.VATRRP: £319.12 (Save 20%)Plano wedi top for the wedi Fundo Plano shower bases, choose from 3 contemporary colours. Stone cast.
  • wedi Fundo Top Primo Shower Base Coverwedi Fundo Top Primo Shower Base CoverFrom £255.29inc.VATRRP: £319.12 (Save 20%)Cast mineral stone acrylic resin 6mm waterproof sheet, quick and easy to install alternative to tiling
  • wedi Fundo Top Slim Kit Shower Base & Coverwedi Fundo Top Slim Kit Shower Base & CoverFrom £890.58inc.VATRRP: £1113.23 (Save 20%)100% waterproof complete shower base kit with waste, tray base & antibacterial top sheet in 3 colour options
  • wedi I-Board Pre-fabricated Cladding for WC Installation Frameswedi I-Board Pre-fabricated Cladding for WC Installation FramesFrom £67.38inc.VATRRP: £84.23 (Save 20%)Create your own toilet tiling box cover with this easy to construct wedi cladding board.
  • wedi Mensolo L Angled Units Pipe Coverwedi Mensolo L Angled Units Pipe CoverFrom £36.36inc.VATRRP: £45.44 (Save 20%)L shaped pipe cover boards for tiling, designed for use with wedi waterproof tile backer board systems
  • wedi Mensolo U Angled Units Pipe Coverwedi Mensolo U Angled Units Pipe CoverFrom £68.58inc.VATRRP: £85.73 (Save 20%)wedi board pipe covers, 100% waterproof for tiling over, for individual use or installation with other wedi board
  • wedi Sealing Gaiters for Pipeworkwedi Sealing Gaiters for Pipework£35.64inc.VATRRP: £44.56 (Save 20%)Pack of 10 gaiters that seal around pipework to protect pipes that run through tiles for bathrooms & wet rooms
  • wedi Sloping Boardwedi Sloping BoardFrom £65.02inc.VATRRP: £81.28 (Save 20%)Sloping wedi boards, ideal for directing water flow to a drainage point on larger shower floor builds.
  • wedi Tools Bath & Shower Sealing Tape Setwedi Tools Bath & Shower Sealing Tape Set£21.74inc.VATRRP: £27.18 (Save 20%)For reliable waterproof sealing of baths, showers & walk in trays. A generous 3.6 meter long roll.
  • wedi Tools Fixing Setwedi Tools Fixing Set£33.48inc.VATRRP: £41.84 (Save 20%)The wedi tools fixing set is designed to securely hold heavy items within the wedi board system e.g. shower doors
  • wedi Top Wall Bath Panelswedi Top Wall Bath PanelsFrom £497.23inc.VATRRP: £621.54 (Save 20%)Cut to size, 100% waterproof, natural stone mineral cast tough yet light 6mm sheet with antibacterial surface
  • wedi Top Wall Panelswedi Top Wall PanelsFrom £497.23inc.VATRRP: £621.54 (Save 20%)Waterproof wall panels to install on any bathroom wall or with a wedi wetroom system, 100% watertight for showers
  • wedi Wedisteck Fixingswedi Wedisteck FixingsFrom £2.72inc.VATRRP: £3.41 (Save 20%)3 different connector types to strengthen wedi board connections in a variety of angle options
  • wedi 320 Tile Adhesivewedi 320 Tile Adhesive£30.79inc.VATRRP: £38.48 (Save 20%)Wedi universal tile adhesive designed for laying & fixing Wedi building board, tiles, stone, screed, glass mosaic
  • wedi End Bath Panelswedi End Bath PanelsFrom £22.32inc.VATRRP: £27.90 (Save 20%)760 x 600mm end panel for baths, designed to be tiled onto and used in conjunction with Wedi sealant & adhesive
  • wedi Front Bath Panelswedi Front Bath PanelsFrom £44.04inc.VATRRP: £55.06 (Save 20%)Tileable, waterproof Wedi bath panels in lengths of 1800 or 2100mm. Fixing kit option, Wedi rails and washers.
  • wedi Fundo Drain Substructurewedi Fundo Drain Substructure£46.04inc.VATRRP: £57.55 (Save 20%)Substructure support cuts down on installation time, for use with the Wedi Primo, Ligno and Borgo shower bases
  • wedi Fundo Ligno Shower Basewedi Fundo Ligno Shower BaseFrom £256.04inc.VATRRP: £320.05 (Save 20%)THE wetroom shower base solution for wooden floorboards & timber floors, look no further than the wedi Fundo Ligno!
  • wedi Fundo Primo Shower Baseswedi Fundo Primo Shower BasesFrom £203.78inc.VATRRP: £254.72 (Save 20%)Wedi shower base, 100% waterproof, reliable, resilient and easily customised with your choice of tiling.
  • wedi Fundo Sealing Setwedi Fundo Sealing Set£61.14inc.VATRRP: £76.43 (Save 20%)Fundo sealing set comprising of: a powder and a liquid component, waterproof sealing tape, 2 internal corners.
  • Wedi Fundo Plano Shower Base with Integrated WasteWedi Fundo Plano Shower Base with Integrated WasteFrom £503.83inc.VATRRP: £629.80 (Save 20%)Complete Wedi 100% waterproof shower base designed to be tiled onto, with integrated waste. 900 to 1600mm.
  • wedi Joint Reinforcement Tapewedi Joint Reinforcement TapeFrom £13.46inc.VATRRP: £16.84 (Save 20%)Wedi joint reinforcement tape - a special fibre tape which is designed to reinforce Wedi building board butt joints
  • wedi Metal Dowelswedi Metal DowelsFrom £81.10inc.VATRRP: £101.38 (Save 20%)Metal dowels by Wedi, for use with Wedi board products. Sold in boxes of 100, standard metal or stainless steel.
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